The Studio

My art studio is located in a room above the Gallery 222 in Malvern, PA. 

My studio is small, efficient and colorful.  On my workbench, I have three different “stations” – one for cutting glass, grinding glass and then putting it all together (solder + finishing). I typically have a glass project, my tool pot (which holds all my tools), and a waffle board where I cut glass. I also have a variac (allows me to vary the voltage for my soldering iron) and a bunch of glass jars that hold flux brushes, pens, solder, nails, pushpins, etc.

There are also four different lights on my desk (magnifier light, heat lamp, LED tracing board and a gooseneck light).  One can never have too much light when working with stained glass.

I tend to have 2-3 projects going at any given time since there are so many steps with stained glass.

I love having visitors to my studio — but since I am not there all the time, please contact me ahead of time to make sure I am there.  I would love to show you around!

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